The REMEDY® Hip Spacer

Providing Simple Procedural Solutions To Complex Musculoskeletal Disorders

The REMEDY® Hip Spacer 2017-10-24T20:40:04+00:00

The REMEDY Hip Spacer is part of the treatment foreseen in a two-stage procedure performed in the event of permanent prosthesis infection. The REMEDY Hip Spacer implant is intended for temporary use only (180 days or less). It allows basic joint mobility and releases antibiotic into the joint area to protect the implant from bacterial colonization. A second surgery will be required at a later date to remove the REMEDY Hip Spacer and replace it with a permanent hip joint implant.

The REMEDY Hip Spacer consists of two individual implants (head and stem) which, when joined, allow to better fit the anatomy of the patient.

REMEDY Hip is available in three head diameters and six stem options. The stems are available in two lengths, each in three diameters. The system has six stem options and three heads yielding 18 different size combinations.

Modularity is offered by selecting optional neck lengths (offset) and using a threaded connection featured on both implants. REMEDY Modular Heads include a monomer (MMA) vial that serves as an adhesive (which binds the head and stem) and “cover cap”. The liquid is sterilized by filtration.

REMEDY Hip Spacers:

  • single-use medical devices/ethylene oxide sterile
  • formed with bone cement (PMMA) and gentamicin