◄ Watanakunakorn Paper

A study by Watanakunakorn et al. is 1982 demonstrated that by the time-kill curve method, the combinations of vancomycin-gentamicin and vancomycin-tobramycin were shown to be syner- gistic against a majority of methicillin-susceptible and resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus. Read More

◄ Minelli Paper

A study by Minelli et al. in 2011 demonstrated that PMMA specimens loaded with gentamicin (1.9%) + vancomycin (1.9%) combination showed a synergistic inhibitory effect against all 8 tested strains (no bacterial growth). As expected, bacterial adhesion was low in samples undergoing the highest antibiotic elution.
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Dual Antibiotics In Spacer

The REMEDY SPECTRUM® GV Hip Spacer System and SPECTRUM® GV Bone Cement will provide surgeons with the first ever broad-spectrum treatment option with both Gentamicin and Vancomycin. “After utilizing multiple articulating spacer options as part of our treatment for PJI, we have evolved to this pre-molded design due to the improved efficiency in both the spacer placement and removal. In my experience, this improved OR efficiency results in less anesthesia, less blood loss and more time spent on the debridement rather than making a spacer implant” stated Dr. Michael Meneghini, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine. “The availability of both Vancomycin and Gentamicin in a pre-molded design delivers broad-spectrum antibiotic combination that provides a synergistic effect with commonly treated Gram +/- pathogens“.

Scott Sporer, Professor Orthopaedic Surgery at RUSH University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois said “One of the main benefits of pre-molded spacers is the long-term antibiotic elution compared to intraoperatively molded spacers. This long-term elution, over the course months instead of days, coupled with the new dual antibiotic option could change the way we approach the treatment of PJI.

◄ Bakker Paper

A multi-center retrospective clinical study by Wouthuyzen-Bakker in 2018 found that in a 2-stage exchange procedure for PJI, adding a glycopeptide to the cement spacer reduces the rate of positive cultures during reimplantation and is associated with a lower failure rate due to CoNS afterward.
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The REMEDY SPECTRUM® GV Hip Spacer is 95.5% clinically effective, defined as the absence of 2 or more positive cultures at the time of reimplantation. In this study, 93% of patients received IV antibiotics for only a week after the definitive implants was reimplanted.